The two sides of Tech Twitter

The two sides of Tech Twitter


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🙋🏻‍♂️Hello Everyone!


Today I'm gonna talk about what's called content creation on Twitter, or, the tech twitter to be more exact.

A little synopsis about the Tech Twitter

So, as they say, tech-twitter is a place for devs to find the best content, and connect with fellow ones! Today I'm gonna explain the real truth behind it!

So, in this post, I'm going to list some pros and cons of tech twitter.

But, first, my opinion:

So, for most of the time, Tech-Twitter has been a gem for me! But, there are some not so good parts about it that need to be discussed!

Let's get started

The Pros

  • The biggest advantage of tech-twitter is the community itself!
  • You get to meet like-minded people!
  • Almost everyone is always ready to help ya!
  • You experience a never-ending chain of content!

So, as I started getting into web development, I got into the tech-twitter side of Twitter! Well, first it felt overwhelming to me! I met awesome people, learned about so many new things, and kind of got a roadmap to follow as a developer. Now, as a self-taught developer, finding a roadmap, and the resources to learn, is pretty difficult, but hey, Tech Twitter is here to help ya!

But, every coin has two sides to it, and so is Tech Twitter, here are a few things that I don't like about Tech Twitter and I want to share them with y'all:

The Cons:

  • Over-Repeated Content

Well this is kind of a pattern I have noticed on tech twitter, that the content gets repeated a lot there. Like let's say you see a thread about some topic one day, then there's a lot of chance that you're gonna see the exact same thread, with just a few changed words, after some days on the same account.

  • Not so helpful Tweets

Well I usually see a lot of tweets that are related to coding, but are not. Like all the motivational coding quotes fall into this category, like if you see, they don't help you to code better or something. Well, motivation is pretty good sometimes, but most of the time, coding quotes don't really help us.

  • The creator-consumer relationship

This is kind of an interesting topic to consider, the thing I have noticed as a content consumer is, that your audience grows too! Like let's say a creator posts CSS tips all the time, now to a beginner developer, it will surely help them, but as your audience grows, posting the same content doesn't really help them.

  • Not so real, authentic tweets

Well, the thing is, with most of the content creators, is, that their tweets usually make them look like a bot posting every day and they don't feel authentic, at least to me. Like there is a slight chance that the tweet you're seeing is made by an AI, well yep, this can be one of the many unexpected cases.

  • Not much attention to deserved informative posts

This is one of the biggest issues with tech twitter, is that real content doesn't get any attention there, and yet, people with not-so informative, helpful tweets grow a lot on Twitter than the real deserved ones.

  • Shitposting is the key to growth!

So the other day I browsed through my Twitter homepage, and I saw a tweet claiming that you can learn JavaScript in around 5 days, like whoa! Which JavaScript are you talking about? These kinds of tweets are not only garbage, but they also divert newbie devs out there.

  • Frontend Devs, all around the way

So another thing which I have noticed on tech twitter a lot is that it's full of Frontend Devs. Now development doesn't only contain Frontend, Backend devs have feelings too! And finding good content related to Backend Development is pretty hard on tech twitter.

What do all of these mean to you as a content consumer?

Feel free to drop your thoughts on this in the comments!

Well, that's it! It was a nice feeling to write all of my thoughts about this and to share them with y'all!

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