Make your first Hello World program with Fast API ⚡

Make your first Hello World program with Fast API ⚡

This blog will show you how you can create your first hello world program with fast api!!


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Hello Everyone 👋


Today I will show you how you can create a fast API program to display hello world!!

But First, what is Fast API?

Fast API is a software framework for developing web applications in Python. And as its name suggests, this is blazingly fast ⚡. As a web developer, this is a pretty great and needed skill, it can be your entry point to APIs in the backend!!


- Basic knowledge of python

Dependencies (to install with pip)

- Fast API

- Uvicorn (to start the server in localhost)

First Step:

First, we will make a directory in the desired folder and cd into that

     mkdir fastapi
     cd fastapi

Now we will make a python file named


Now let's install fast api and uvicorn with pip:

     pip install fastapi uvicorn

Now our file tree should look like this (yep, just a python file):


Now let's open the directory in your code editor, for me its VS Code

    code .

Let's import fastapi now

     from fastapi import FastAPI
     app = FastAPI()

Now we can create a pretty simple api to return hello world

     from fastapi import FastAPI
     app = FastAPI()

     async def root():
         return {'msg': 'hello world'}

Here in the above example, in the get method, we are adding '/' as a parameter, this defines that the function should return hello world at the base URL of the server!!

Viewing the results in localhost using uvicorn

let's go to the directory of the project and run this command

     uvicorn main:app --reload

Here we are specifying the name of the python file and the fast api function variable in which our case is and app respectively

This will start the server at 8000 port

The URL should be [your_ip_address]/8000

Open the URL in the browser to see the hello world message !!

Screenshot (190).png

Congrats 🎉🎉, you just built your first fast api project

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