2021 Wrapped!

2021 Wrapped!


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What's up people! I Hope y'all are doing fine!


So, another year is going to end pretty soon. And I thought to share my year in review with y'all! But First, Happy holidays and New Year!

Well, this year was pretty great for me! I started my dev journey around May this year, and it's going pretty well!

So in this article, I'm going to show all the stuff I did this year, starting with May!

May - The beginning

So, before May, I was just chilling around as a student and wasn't involved in Tech. But then suddenly, I was attracted to Web Development. Well, initially I just started it as a hobby to cure my boredom ๐Ÿ˜….

I started with CSS as I already was introduced to HTML during my school year in 8th grade. After CSS, I made some design projects with HTML-CSS, and then I jumped to JavaScript!

At this point, I made some projects, here's one of them:

Meeting Template


June - Realization of the bigger picture!

Now, at this point, I joined Tech Twitter, and then, I realized that it's much bigger than my imagination! I was introduced to a whole new set of concepts now, and Tech Twitter helped me in many ways! I devoted this whole month to JavaScript and made some projects! But even after this, I wasn't able to learn some crucial concepts of JavaScript ๐Ÿ˜….

July - The month of React

Now, at this point, I was kind of proficient with JavaScript(I thought so ๐Ÿ˜…). So I decided to jump straight into React, resulting in an overwhelming set of new concepts! I also learned SASS and JSON along the way!

As I was learning react.js, I realized that I was lacking some core JavaScript concepts, and so, I kind of learned JavaScript again!

And yep, I made some projects with react. Here's one of them:

Web app to fetch movie data

August - Next Steps using Next.JS!

After learning react, I decided to jump to Next.JS. So I started using Next.JS in my projects and was learning along the way!

I met Joshua Sir in the month of August and I got to know about Full-Stack development, how APIs are used to connect backend to frontend, and I learned FastAPI as my backend framework. I also learned Tailwind CSS along the way.

I made some more projects!

mind blown

September - A Short break

Now, while all of this was happening, my life as a student kicked in, and Exams started. So this whole month, I was busy giving Exams and catching up with my studies.

no-it's not fine

October - Back at it!

So, at the beginning of October, I was free from exams, and I started to code once again! I made a new project named Gradient Deck.

And, parallel to this, Hacktoberfest was going on! So I decided to participate in it and completed the challenge!

I also joined a Discord community named Byteslash.


November - Community, Open Source, and all!

Now, at this point, I started getting active in the Byteslash community and met a lot of new awesome people there!

I also joined Eddie Hub and made some Open Source contributions! Overall, this month was pretty nice!

December - Projects, Blogging

Talking about now, I started working on some projects and started Blogging on Hashnode! ๐Ÿฅณ

I have also stepped into Backend Development!

I also reached 200 followers on Twitter


So, that was my whole year of 2021, overall a pretty wild year!

At last, I wanna thank everyone who supported me in my journey! And I am looking forward to achieving a lot of things in 2022!


Happy New Year y'all!

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